Equador and Everest

ZAR 7,000.00 Neg.


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  1. Equador and Everest Sold
  2. Equador and Everest Sold

Horse Detail

Breed: Miniature Horse
Registered: No
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Other
DOB / Age: 2017 (4 Years) Minimum
Height: Other

Disciplines / Sports

Rescue / Adoption


Everest and Equador

These cuties are about and a half years old. They are castrated.

We bought them for my daughter but she is still to young and afraid and we can't give them the attention they deserve. Thus we are looking to rehome them. We are so sad that it had to ckme to this.

We have a pony pads and blankets for them custom-made and will be sent with them. Never used! They are tame and allow us to put pony pads on, work on their hooves and place children on them. We have little experience with them being ridden because my daughter is deafly afraid. And we could not really see how they react between all the kicking and screaming she did. (They handled the screaming on their backs well...)

To be able to break even with the castration costs and what we paid for them we need to sell them for a minimum of R5000neg (for both and all their specially made tack included.)

Please help us find them a loving home, we so desperately wanted to provide.

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