Mighty Maasai (aka Black Warrior)

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  1. Mighty Maasai (aka Black Warrior) Sold
  2. Mighty Maasai (aka Black Warrior) Sold

Horse Detail

Breed: Thoroughbred
Registered: Yes
Registered With: SAEF
Registration No: tba
Gender: Gelding
Colour: Dark Bay
DOB / Age: 01/09/2015
Height: 16.2HH (1.67m)

Disciplines / Sports

All Rounder, Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Bomb Proof


I’m Belgian and I used to live in South Africa, for 10 years.
I first got Maasai in late 2019 as my older warmblood in SA was not going to fulfill my wish to start eventing. I had in mind a forever project one that would be part of my family, one that in the event that I had to leave SA, would travel back home with me.

We only started competing him in affiliated shows in December 2022 so this is his first season.

SJ : He’s jumped courses of 90cm-100cm at non affiliated shows. We haven’t done any affiliated show jumping competitions
Eventing : He is competing in the 75cm but he is such at ease that from May on he will be going to the 85cm
Dressage : Except for the eventing tests, we haven’t taken him out to dressage shows.


Breed : Thoroughbred
Racing Name : Black Warrior
DOB : 01.09.2015
Sir : Judspot
Dam : Arcola
Sir of Dame : Caesour
Height : 16.2h
Colour: Dark bay
Raced : 3 times ( lost pathetically )

Black warrior was renamed Mighty Maasai, yard name ‘ Maasai ‘ . A name he inherited from the time I had spent in Tanzania with the Maasai tribe who had been kind and gentle people with me, but were undoubtedly fierce and brave warriors. And that summed up the temperament of that small horse. He was just about 4yo and knew nothing about what he was supposed to do as a ‘ horse ‘.

Maasai was brought to our farm down in KZN and was let down for about 8 months. We gave him all the time and the love to learn what it was like to be a horse around other horses ( and animals ) and around humans. He was introduced to our herd and we only worked him on foot.

At close to 5yo, we gently started to work him,he put a foot wrong. He kept on being this mellow personality, loving human contact, to the point where I started to wonder if he could ever compete with such a gentle nature. My best friend gave us lessons, so I was the one who ‘ backed him ‘ a second time. He was so kind that in fact, barely backed again, I could safely go on outrides on my own on our farm and tag along herding cattle with him ( which he really got into ). He was a joke tho, couldn’t do nothing, but he still loved it. I could open/close gate, get down and back up without him moving. I could put my jacket on and off - he was seriously bombproof for an OTTB who hadn’t been ridden in 8 months.

Only when the basic dressage was acquired, did we consider jumping. He definitely couldn’t run for his life but he had a real jumping gift. He already had the technique and the power, so we didn’t push him, never pressurized him and worked more on gymnastics and dressage now that we knew height would never be a problem ( for our level ).

At 5 and a half years old, I had to go on several missions across Central Africa, so my best friend started to ride him and started to have regular lessons from an outside trainer to get him into the rhythm of eventing but stayed stabled home. When Maasai realized his power and got onto the right diet, his temperament changed. He became more active, a happier horse, not for the semi-beginner riders anymore, but rather advanced. Never cheeky or mean, but he started to express a competing attitude ( which we were ecstatic about ). Outrides were more fun and he became a player. He outgrew his insecurities, became an adult horse while when on the ground, still being gentle and loving.

We registered him to SAEF at that time, here are the details :

SAEF name : Mighty Maasai
Microchip: Yes
Vaccins up to date
Shoes: Half set ( temporary )
Insured : Yes ( Kuda )

Maasai first eventing show was only December last year ( Oakspring ) at 6 and a few months old, we had done one or two unaffiliated shows and it was time to take the big step but prioritizing a positive first experience rather than the results. It was our proudest moment. He behaved extremely well despite the harsh conditions ( very windy on dressage day, extremely hot during eventing and miserably cold and rainy on the last day ). He came out clear on all three disciplines and somehow, we weren’t the last !
More confident about him, we started this year ( 2022 ) in the 75cm eventing and will be going to the 85cm if the next show goes well ( May 2022 ). Shongweni was fantastic despite a scary eventing course. On his third show, in Treverton, he was ranked 4th due to unfortunate time penalties in the eventing. His dressage tests always ranks him in the top 5 while the eventing drops him due to a lack of speed. Jumping is not an issue, height is not a bother to him.

Overall aptitudes :

Dressage : Balanced, flexible
Jumping : Scopey, hasn’t reached full potential. Very careful, clear, not spooky and respectful
Eventing : Forward ( not enough yet ), happy, brave
Outride : Can be spooky
Attitude : Not chicky, very honest and brave, loyal. Can have a burst of happiness. Willing to learn. Loves his job. Ready to be taken to the top. Has a competitive attitude in the jumping. Gets overwhelmed and quickly bored in dressage. Very well balanced in his head, mature.

He is currently ridden in a bombers bit loose ring snaffle. Very light on the bit. Needs a rider with stronger legs and confidence on the eventing course. No need of flash bridle nor martingale for jumping.

He Loves human contact and would thrive in a similar environment as he is ( at home in the field ). He loves attention and quality time. Gets attached to his human. He is not made to be a schooling horse ( in a riding school environment). He’s a family horse

Level : An advanced adult
On foot : Very well mannered, gentle, calm ( animals and children are okay around him )
Travel : Never had a problem to load him ( truck, van ) alone or coupled
Clipping : A bit worried around his head, could do with a calming jab

Here are some health info on Maasai :

Feet / Legs : Clear and Sound. we put two front shoes just before Shongweni as the farrier had just trimmed the edges and he was a bit sensitive on the hard ground. He excelled with them but excelled without them as well. We are probably going to take them off.
Past medical history : None, has never been lame since I have him. No colics
Despite his new competition career, Maasai still lives out with a herd and is a very low maintenance horse generally.

He was scheduled to travel to Belgium but with the recent events in Europe and the future instability that it is going to bring, I cannot take the risk to take him over.
I could keep him in South Africa for now but every time I see and hear him do so well, it breaks my heart to not be with him and I know that time will only make the separation harder, especially now that he’s started competing. I should have brought him home long ago.

Maasai is going to keep on competing in eventing this season in KZN and can possibly do Gauteng if a serious buyer would like to see him under my teacher’s saddle.




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