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Watsonia Farm Stables

ZAR 4,400.00

  1. Watsonia Farm Stables
  2. Watsonia Farm Stables


Watsonia Farm is a tranquil private stabling yard, situated in Plettenberg Bay (bitou area).
We offer 6 beautiful stables to anyone who wants to stable their horse, retired horses, young and growing horses, and for a place to let owners bond with their horses in a safe and peaceful environment.

We also offer yearling training (halter, bridle, saddle training), long lining, fitness training, rehabilitation work and mental rehabilitation work. (if horses have been abused we offer a place to build up their confidence and trust in people)

The stabling includes hay, concentrates, shavings, paddock, water, safe outrides and security cameras for owners to access

The horses get fed at 7:00am and 5:00pm
They get taken out at 7.30am and in at 4.30pm
Once they get dinner and their afternoon groom, the horses get put out again for another 2 hrs (until the sunsets) to ensure the horses get more paddock time than stable time and to let them walk around and digest their dinner.


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